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Meet the Team...
Here are the people behind the planning and leading of MCC

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Church Leader

Rev Canon Tom Brazier

Tom co-leads Magdalene Community Church with Rachael. Tom loves Jesus and ice skating. And don't get him started on coffee and 3D printing. He's also a pilot.

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Church Leader

Rev Rachael Phillips

Rachael co-leads the church, and loves Jesus and playing rugby.  You're most likely to find her in the woods or in the gym. She's passionate about reimagining church for this generation, and trying new things.  |   07835887819

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Church Steward

Mike Hardisty

Mike is the Steward of Magdalene Community Church, managing our resources and doing a lot of the admin.  He also leads the kitchen team, making the food for the Feasts. His Focaccia is famously good.

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Church Team Members

Simeon and Mandy

Simeon and Mandy bring a wide spectrum of neuro-spice to all they do and are passionate about creating safe spaces for all neurotypes.  They also bring vast artisan and creative skills and are big on prayer. 


Church Team Members

Nomes and Carly

Nomes and Carly are our music and sound equipment experts.  They help with many of our Children activities, as well as a lot of other aspects of the set-up.  They also make a mean traybake.


Church Team Members

Bethany Browning

Bethany is often spotted with a camera in her hand and takes beautiful pictures. When she's not at church she's dominating the netball courts of the North East.


Church Team Members

Margaret Edwards

Margaret is our team meeting minute-taker extraordinaire, is a central figure in the kitchen team and brings a steady and calming presence to the church.


Church Team Members

Jen Milor

Jen shares her passions for meditation, henna and children amongst many other activities with Magdalene Community Church. She brings the relaxing scent of essential oils everywhere she goes.


Church Team Members

Alison Hawthorne-Kaine

Alison supports a variety of ministries, and has played her part in almost all aspects of our feasts and other meetings. She plays rugby with Rachael and cooks amazing food. 

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