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The big picture...

We are a simple ‘back to basics’ church centred around food, where we are all welcome regardless of age, beliefs, our past or present. All we need to be fed is to be hungry.


We're literally a church without walls (we don't have our own building), freeing us to move around, be in familiar community spaces, and be outdoors. We love using our big tent, toasting marshmallows around the fire pit and exploring the woods. On Feast Days (3rd Sundays) we meet for a big community meal.

As well as eating together, we're a church which really takes caring for creation seriously. We want to learn how to reconnect with nature and appreciate the beauty all around us, which we think helps us know God. We'll do this by spending plenty of time outdoors. Keep reading to find out more.

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Wild Worship

Drawing on the Forest Church movement and our rich Northern Celtic heritage, we're an intentionally outdoor community. After all, most of the things Jesus taught His disciples and the crowds who followed Him, He taught outdoors.  


We believe it's important to take time to reconnect with God's creation and rediscover our place in it, noticing how God speaks to us through it. Walking in the woods, gazing at the night stars, observing the birds, feeling the shift of the seasons... We want to learn to tread lightly on the earth and appreciate the vast beauty of this part of God's Kingdom. 

Our desire to care for creation influences much of what we do. We only serve ethically sourced food that would otherwise be wasted and we keep our carbon footprint very low.

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Breathing Space

Life can be so busy and packed we fail to pause and enjoy it. The busier we are the more we begin to fear and then avoid periods of true rest. The Prayer Tent offers a tranquil and peaceful space for the tired and over-stimulated to simply be.


A calm spot to rest and get away from distractions, to unwind, pray, nap, enjoy peaceful music or the outdoors, until we gather again to worship and eat. We're currently developing a pattern of meditation, prayer and exploration of healing oils before our worship begins on Feast Days.


The Prayer Tent also pops up monthly around Chopwell. Keep an eye out for details of our next pitching on Facebook. 

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Talking Point

Jesus was a master at story-telling. He helped friends, strangers and crowds to understand important ideas about heaven and God's kingdom, and what truly matters in life. He told funny and sometimes shocking stories using everyday examples that people could relate to. We want to do the same.

On Feast days we explore the Bible around the camp fire, and discuss what we think it says about God and God's people, and how it impacts our lives today. Some of us find it hard to sit and listen, and we take in information much better when our hands are busy and we're able to move around. So at MCC we have background activities and space to roam for those of us who need them.

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